Helping People Help Themselves

Like many others, I have watched the head scratching, condescending, minimizing and gloating, Shark Tank creator, Kevin O’Leary’s interview. It was almost comical in all his seriousness about how poor people can learn to pull themselves up by the bootstraps by merely watching rich people do their thing. Like, really dude? You really said..and believe that? You really believe it is just that simplistically easy to go from 0 to 1% in the matter of a thought process? If only it were that easy.

I am just baffled and befuddled at how he could pompously and arrogantly sit there and see absolutely nothing wrong with his ideology. If only it were that easy to never have to worry about your lights being turned off or your heat. To never have to worry about keeping correct sized shoes on your child’s feet? And what about the elderly and former military vets who are homeless? Wow, if only it were that easy. Nobody would wonder where tonight, they are going to sleep or if they have enough gas in their car to get to work tomorrow. Their kids are depending upon them to take care of them, how does this man sleep at night with such a distant outlook? Wow, the 1% are surely outrageously amazing, in their cozy self content and condemnation of those mired in poverty.

The one thing I noticed though, was that he offered no hand up or a way out. Oh, he can’t be bothered with that cumbersome chore. That’s not his job to figure it out. He’s got and made his (money) now, it’s up to you abject poverty people…to go make yours. Don’t bother those like him with such ridiculous and unimportant details! Is that what he’s really saying? If only he had the empathy, compassion and rolled up sleeves manhood of millionaire, Harris Rosen. At least with him, he saw a problem, put his money where his mouth was and vastly improved Tangelo Park. All I can do is shake my head in sorrow at O’Leary. He has a long way to go up…but a very short way to go…on the elevator, down. Hope he brings his suntan lotion and sunglasses. Where he’s going, he’ll need it.


Another Snowy Morning


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Another snowy morning, and I’ve been awaken by the sound of street plows, personal plows and men outside shoveling icy and snow covered walkways and driveways. Been up since what..? 3:30 and it’s now, almost 6:30 am? I’m not so much annoyed by the noise as I am thinking about my increasing light bill. It’s high alright, almost $2,300 and in 3 months, it’s going to have to be paid–in FULL! I don’t know WHERE I’m going to get that money from, if I don’t get more people aware of and interested in buying a motor club membership. Motor club membership you say? Yes, Motor Club of America roadside service and personal emergency membership. I got it back in August of 2012. My youngest daughter, who was still in high school prompted me to get it because, knowing I already had a roadside service, when comparing both, M.C.A or Motor Club of America hands down, offered more.

In the year and a half that I’ve had them though, convincing other people to either take or consider taking the plunge, hasn’t been so easy. It’s frustratingly annoying to hear folks complain about the $19.95 a month fee in comparison to their $100 a year BASIC roadside service membership. They don’t seem to care that mine offers more and that they can add some of our offerings to their own membership through their club–but that also changes the pricing–higher than ours.

People it seems want more services for less dollars. Never mind the fact that with M.C.A, they offer one very important thing that no other motor club around offers–Referral Reward Dollars! What is that, you ask? It’s commissions for referring any new member to our club! As a struggling single mom, that made a huge difference in my perspective of joining or not. Just doesn’t seem to be the same to others. I don’t get it. If a club will pay you for “word of mouth” service, wouldn’t you utilize all your options?

Another important factor to me, is that that very same referral rewards offering can not only help the member who chooses to sign up, but, if the person they bought their membership from is homeless and or financially struggling? They’ve just done double duty my friend! They’ve helped them get closer to and reach their goal of self sufficiency. They’ve bought something for themselves…that helped someone else! Hey, many organizations do it. They count on people buying a product (Girl Scout Cookies, anyone?) that does double duty; you bought something for yourself, that helped them out. What’s wrong with buying a motor club membership, even adding it to your portfolio–if you can help houseĀ  someone? It is a great way to Pay-It-Forward, don’t you think?

Join the fight to stop hunger & homelessness in its’ tracks!